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The better society that had been pinned on independence doesn’t need a new state. Keep talking to your neighbours and your workmates. We have a world to win and only our own working class self-activity and organisation will secure it.
— AFED Scotland
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Daniel Molina
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‘The whole country was like a person in love.’ (How We Played The Revolution)

‘Beautiful, that’s the second time someone’s said that this morning, that it’s beautiful.’ (James Naughtie, Today, Radio 4, 17/09/14)

The Lithuanian independence movement – independence from the USSR, a power visited upon them as total, hegemony-seeking – was a nationalist one. True, a portion of it was led by a group of architects and an artist, but they channelled their understanding and experimentation with the avant-garde into road trips where they sang the national anthem to old women who had been keeping their love for Lithuania concealed under mats, hidden in jars of flowers. The women, the men and the children, coaxed out by the ragged guitars and stirring words of a past they thought was closed to them, sang the words of the national anthem. The jarring camcorder images of this are moving. An old woman in a flowered housecoat removes her thick glasses, rubs her eyes as the tears don’t stop. A younger woman asks the camera ‘But are we allowed? It says in the newspapers we are not allowed!’ ‘Everything is allowed!’ reply the artists, as they climb back into their minibus.

‘It was a time of poetry, of history,’ the philosopher who is also an MEP says, in the silver office lobby. ‘Now, prose has taken over. Order is with us once again.’ The glassy neoliberal order of Vilnius is apparent. The disorder is not. I am living in a time of poetry. I cannot see it but it buffets great fiery screens so I cannot see. It is there in the windswept indifference of housing endeavours that once had utopian socialist hopes tacked on their wet paint, that held like pennants and were burnt like flags are supposed to be. It is there in the data centres that are replacing humans every day to trade by the nanosecond futures of futures of futures. It is there in the constant absurdity of poverty on this commonweal.

I want nothing from this referendum.  But if that whole country is like a person in love I would so badly want to be of that love, not forever, but for now.



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Tomorrow, Scotland has the opportunity to vote to leave the United Kingdom, and become an independent nation-state.

Tomorrow, in Scotland, vote Yes.

Vote Yes, until a time comes when there will be no nations, nor states.

Vote Yes, and commit to fight until things are better.

Vote Yes, against despair - but do not love your country, love only what this world could be.

- Fuckyeahdialectics, in Glasgow.

I agree with this.

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And will be posting again from next week. Just recovering after the intense (bit thankfull sucessful) Plan C weekend festival.

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B A M N - An unofficial magazine by Plan C

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Defend the ZAD!  Cops are now trying to flush out militant from the Testet, where violent clashes erupted. The compagny wants to build and hydraulic dam in this region, which would be an environmental nightmare…

ZAD is everywhere, resistance is everywhere!


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Short and sweet, ‘cos we’re all pressed for time at the moment I’m sure.

1) I’d recommend this short intervention into the Scottish Independence Campaign. Don’t usually find myself agreeing so wholeheartedly with an article written by the UK’s AFED (anarcho-communist organisation) as I find their politics a bit too ultra-left for my personal taste. However, I think this article about Scottish independence is a strong one. 

2) Longer and heavier but this academic paperis an introduction to the world market debates in Germany in the 1970s. These debates were an influence in the formation of the Open Marxism school of thought. Not read yet, but on my GRIL list for when I have a bit of head space.

3) Nice and short article about conspiracy theories in the Muslim world. Much more familiar with the way conspiracy theories operate in the (primarily white, atheist) global north.

4) Donald Mackenzie’s article in the LRB (just bought a paper subscription!) on automated financial trading is interesting stuff and a good critique of those who see the domination of capital as an inter-personal one.

5) Finally, Vice interview early footwork proponent Mike Paradinas on the future of footwork and juke. Interesting hearing his take on the ways in which Japanese and British cultures accept and integrate different cultural forms. Worth checking out some of the tracks as well. 

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Julia Geiser

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